Training Services:

Our team of instructors are retired Federal and Local law enforcement forensic professionals with decades of hands on experience. Additionally, they have conducted many thousand hours of forensic related training for state and local law enforcement. These instructors are dedicated to provide unmatched forensic training to both law enforcement agencies and the private sector.

Our mission is to design and furnish affordable and specialized forensic courses, in a variety of forensic fields, including crime scene investigation, latent finger and palm print comparison and identification, chemical and physical evidence processing, forensic photography, digital forensic imaging, and the automated latent print identification systems, AFIS.

We provide custom-designed courses and curriculum according to your needs and requirements at our laboratory premises, your agency’s training facility, or at any off-site location. The training modules will be designed to maximize hands-on training to increase the employee’s level of required competency and on-the-job efficiency and effectiveness. The employee will gain the essential knowledge, skills and ability to confidently perform their assigned technical and administrative tasks.

Below are a few examples of our specialized trainings. The length of these courses can be adjusted from a few hours to several days, depending on the needs of the agencies, corporations or individuals:

  • Basic to Advanced Finger and Palm Print Analysis, Comparison and identification
  • Basic to Advanced Chemical and Physical Fingerprint Processing Techniques
  • Basic to Advanced Crime Scene Investigation
  • Crime Scene Fingerprint Processing and Recovery
  • Forensic Light Source (ALS) Technics
  • Shoe and Tire Track Recovery and Documentation
  • Proper Handling, Collection, Preservation, Documentation of Evidence
  • On Site Novice Forensic Specialists or Security Staff Hands On Training and Mentorship
  • Automated Fingerprint Identification System and Biometric
  • Technical Crime Scene and Evidence Photography


  • Latent Print Photography, Image Enhancement, Sizing and Printing
  • Forensic Photography
  • Fluorescent and Alternate Light Source Photography
  • Infrared and Ultraviolet Photography and Post Enhancement
  • Available Light and Night Photography
  • Digital Imaging and Photoshop Post Shooting Processing
  • Designing and Implementation of Digital Photo Processing and Laboratories
  • Advanced Digital Image Enhancement and Reproduction
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