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Automated Finger/Palm Print Identification (AFIS) Services

AFIS stands for Automated Fingerprint Identification System, but it does not perform the final identification or exclusion of fingerprints. This task is left to a qualified Latent Print Examiner, who has been trained and certified to conduct a thorough analysis, comparison, and evaluation of the prints. The AFIS system is simply a database searching tool that automatically searches large collections of fingerprint images and generates a list of potential matches.

AFIS is a high-speed, high-capacity image processing system that enhances the ability of latent print examiners to search and identify crime scene evidence. It is widely used to compare arrest fingerprints with a growing database of fingerprint records for identification and verification purposes.

Nikoui and Associates offers AFIS processing through the FBI Next Generation Identification (NGI) system using the Universal Latent Workstation (ULW). However, this service is only available to law enforcement agencies and is subject to FBI regulations.

Universal Latent Workstation (ULW) in the Next Generation Identification

The FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) system is a biometric identification tool that includes fingerprint, palm print, and facial recognition technology. It is used by law enforcement agencies for identifying suspects and victims and for conducting background checks for non-criminal justice purposes.

The Universal Latent Workstation (ULW) is a component of the NGI system designed specifically for processing latent fingerprints. ULW provides a tool for searching, comparing, and analyzing latent prints, with the aim of quickly identifying suspects in criminal cases. The ULW allows investigators to match latent prints with fingerprints in the NGI database.

Next Generation Identification (NGI) Requirements

To access the NGI (Next Generation Identification) system, a computer within the contracting law enforcement agency must have the ULW (Universal Latent Workstation) operating system installed. Our team, at Nikoui and Associates, will provide assistance with the installation, set up, administration, and operation of the ULW in the law enforcement agencies. Latent prints recovered from crime scenes or evidence by the agency’s CSIs (Crime Scene Investigators) or officers can be processed through the ULW by our certified examiners.

The ULW connection enables the agency’s latent print examiners to run searches on the FBI NGI finger and palm print database, with the aim of identifying recovered prints. The database holds over 150 million fingerprint records from both criminal and civilian sources, and is accessible for latent print searches.

Other AFIS and Biometrics Consulting and Procurement Services:

With over 100 years of combined service experience in AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) and biometrics consulting, our mission is to provide guidance for the best and most economical product solutions and systems in the biometrics industry. We offer vendor-knowledgeable independent professional consulting services to end-user customers such as law enforcement and police information organization AFIS and identification bureaus, government agencies deploying civil ID, and commercial and enterprise businesses procuring AFIS and biometrics ID systems.

Let us help you get the most value out of your AFIS and ID system strategic planning, replacement of current system, procurement, deployment, staff training and everyday enhanced operation.”

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