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Kourosh Nikoui, Forensic Practitioner and Specialist, Principal Consultant and CEO, Nikoui & Associates, Forensic Identification Services & Consulting, Inc.

Mr. Nikoui has over 38 years of full time experience in Criminal Justice Information System as Forensic Science and practitioner professional with Law Enforcement Agencies. His career spans increasing responsibility in both the Independent Identification Process and Management of the Law Enforcement Forensic Identification Services Unit, Training and Supervision of the Forensic Identification Specialists and Crime Scene Investigators.

Mr. Nikoui is a court qualified expert and certified forensic identification specialist with over 80 training certifications in numerous fields of forensic science and the management of the forensic evidence. In particular he is:

A Certified Latent Print Examiner; Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst and Certified Forensic Photographer by the International Association for Identification; and Qualified and testified as an expert witness approximately 150 times, in California Superior and U.S. Federal Courts.

He has been directly involved in processing physical evidence in at least 30,000 criminal cases in the San Francisco Bay Area, resulting in identification of thousands of individuals. He also has served many local and state law enforcement agencies as an independent Forensic Identification Services Consultant. In addition, he has worked on hundreds of photographic projects, both for private and public entities.

Mr. Nikoui has a BFA degree with emphasis in Photography from the USD. He has published and provided numerous trainings, lectures and workshops in the area of Forensic Identification Science. He is a Life Member of International Association for Identification at the State and International Level, plus, active member of Northern California Forensic Identification Study Group; the California Friction Ridge Study Group; and International Crime Scene Investigators Association (ICSIA).

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