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Fingerprint Comparison & Identification

Forensic fingerprint identification services involve the analysis and comparison of fingerprints in order to identify individuals or to link them to a crime scene or objects touched. Fingerprints are unique to each individual and can be used as a form of identification. In forensic fingerprint analysis, fingerprints are collected from a crime scene or from a suspect and then compared to fingerprints on file or to fingerprints collected from other sources. This can be done through a variety of methods, such as visual comparison, computer-based analysis, or through the use of specialized equipment. Our goal at Nikoui and Associates, FISC, LLC is to provide solid and reliable forensic fingerprint identification services and to provide objective and reliable evidence that can be used in court, or litigation process to help establish the identity of individuals involved in the case, either criminal or civil.

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Fingerprint & DNA Processing & Recovery

Fingerprint processing is the technology commonly used to recover, document, and preserve hidden or invisible fingerprints for the use in the identification process. Over the past 100 years, scientists have developed various physical and chemical methods for law enforcement and government agencies to recover and document latent finger-prints from various surfaces. The process of fingerprint processing typically involves sequential physical and chemical processes, capturing images of finger and palm marks, evaluating, and extracting unique features from the print image, full documentation and preservation of the recovered prints and eventually comparing those features to the known fingerprints of individuals to determine association or exclusion.

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Forensic Photography

Forensic photography offers an extremely objective and accurate look at a crime scene before anything has been disturbed. Important details can be captured in pictures that can play a big part in a case. Once forensic photos are taken, they can be analyzed by investigators for multiple purposes, including identifying the victim, suspects and even discovering a motive. Accurate and precise documentation of the crime scene provides a critical resource for defense teams and litigation.

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Crime Scene Investigation & Case Review

Crime scene investigation is the process of examining and analyzing a crime scene to gather evidence that can be used to identify and prosecute the perpetrators of a crime. Crime scene reconstruction is a subfield of crime scene investigation that involves the use of physical evidence, witness statements, and other sources of information to reconstruct the events that occurred at the crime scene.

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AFIS & Biometrics

AFIS & Biometrics provides a unique opportunity for identification based on DNA evidence. Our staff has over a century of combined experience and aim to provide the best independent consulting services to our clients. We use state-of-the-art equipment to get you the best results.

We use an AFIS database that houses over a billion unique samples of irises, faces, fingerprints and DNA data. Once a sample is submitted into the system, it is compared to every entry in the database and often results in a conclusive match. Even the most miniscule samples can produce irrefutable results.

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Document Examination

Document examination is a vital discipline within the field of forensic science that focuses on the careful examination, comparison, and evaluation of documents to determine their authenticity, origin, alterations, and potential forgery. Our experienced document examiner utilizes cutting-edge techniques, advanced technology, and extensive knowledge to provide accurate and reliable results.

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