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Michael Stapleton, Retired FBI Special Agent, Active Forensic Practitioner and Instructor, College Adjunct Faculty Member, Forensic R Us CEO

Mr. Stapleton, Founder of Forensics R Us, retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation after a career that spanned over 34 years. While with the FBI Special Agent Stapleton had assignments in Washington, D.C., St. Louis, Seattle, San Francisco and Sacramento. As a Special Agent, Mr. Stapleton investigated an extensive range of matters that come under FBI jurisdiction. He had been assigned to major investigations to include the 1971 “D.B. Cooper” skyjacking case, the Polly Klaas kidnapping & murder case, the bombing of the Federal building in Oklahoma City and the Unabomber – Ted Kaczynski investigation. In addition, he is a recognized fingerprint identification expert. Thousands of law enforcement professionals have taken his fingerprint identification courses and have been equipped to become certified fingerprint examiners.

Over the last four decades Mr. Stapleton has designed, developed and conducted courses to train thousands of law enforcement professionals in police academies, colleges and universities both nationally and internationally. He frequently lectured at the FBI Academy in Virginia. The FBI Academy honored Mr. Stapleton with the FBI Master Police Instructor certificate of achievement because of his sustained excellence in developing curriculum and conducting law enforcement training.

Mr. Stapleton has authored several articles related to the law enforcement profession that were published in The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. The International Training and Assistance Unit at the FBI Academy has adopted training materials prepared by Mr. Stapleton to serve as the standard for all FBI training furnished to foreign law enforcement agencies.

Mr. Stapleton holds a Masters degree from San Jose State University in Instructional Technology. He is currently an adjunct faculty member with the American River College, Sacramento Regional Public Safety Training Center, in Sacramento, CA and the South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium (“The Academy”), San Jose, CA.

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