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About Ben Bavarian


Behnam (Ben) Bavarian, Ph.D.; Biometrics Specialist, Business Specialist, Principal Consultant, AFIS and Biometrics Consulting Inc. CEO

Dr. Bavarian has 28 years of management, business development, strategic technology development, business turn around and academic experience. In the field of Human Identification using Biometrics and Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS). Dr. Bavarian is a pioneer and an authority in the Identification Industry and by colleagues and customers has been recognized as the “Father of the Modern AFIS”.

Dr. Bavarian has been responsible for three product generations of state of the art Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems, developed and successfully executed four new small business plans, five company acquisitions, one company IPO. Served as the officer of two public companies reporting to CEO and the Board.  He has been invited to give the keynote speeches on the State of Biometrics Industry, has written over 100 Technical Publications and 10 awarded and pending patents in Biometrics Identification.  Dr. Bavarian was featured in the Forbes Magazine April, 1997 issue as the lead strategist for the turnaround of the Printrak International Automated Fingerprint Identification System Products.

Before founding the ABC Inc., Dr. Bavarian was the Vice President of Motorola Biometrics Business Unit, responsible for the acquisition, integration and turnaround of the business into a profit making unit. His biometrics industry experience spans development of products with over 150 large scale installations and $1 billion sales.

Dr. Bavarian received his Ph.D. in 1984 and Master of Science degrees in 1981, both in Electrical and Computer Engineering, from the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, and attended the Graduate School at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island. In addition, he has completed equivalent of MBA course work in management and business development, and has certificates in the Business Development, Quality Assurance Processes, SEI/CMM Development Process, and Digital Six Sigma Process Improvements at the green belt executive level.

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