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Forensic Photography


Forensic photography is the use of photography in the legal system to document and present evidence in a court of law. It is an important part of crime scene investigation and reconstruction, as it provides a visual record of the scene and the evidence found there.

We use specialized techniques and equipment to capture high-quality images that accurately represent the crime scene and the evidence found there. They work closely with crime scene investigators and other forensic specialists to document the scene and the evidence in a systematic and thorough manner.

Forensic photographers must be familiar with the principles of photography, including lighting, composition, and camera settings, and must have an understanding of the legal process and the requirements for admissible evidence in court. They must also be able to follow established protocols and procedures to ensure the integrity of the evidence and the accuracy of the photographs.

Forensic photographs are used in a variety of legal proceedings, including criminal trials, civil lawsuits, and administrative hearings. They can be used to establish the identity of suspects, to reconstruct events, and to support or refute witness testimony.

Here are some of the services we as a forensic photographer can provide:

  • Documenting crime scenes, including indoor and outdoor locations
  • Documenting accident scene, vehicle damage, property damage
  • Documenting personal injuries and autopsies
  • Photographing physical evidence, including fingerprints, DNA extraction, and other objects of evidence
  • Photographing in Ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) spectrums using specialized cameras and filters for recovery and documentation of invisible injuries, tattoos and other physical evidence
  • Performing fluorescent photography using special lightings and barrier filters
  • Take available light images in dark to show actual night conditions
  • Using specialized lighting techniques and equipment, such as strobes, Alternate Light Sources ALS, Macro lenses, and high end digital cameras, to capture detailed images of evidence and the crime scene
  • Working with crime scene investigators and other forensic specialists to identify and photograph relevant evidence
  • Authenticate the validity of images based on the image metadata
  • Convert digital images from one format to other
  • Scan documents and digitized printed images in highest quality possible
  • Print or duplicate digital images after color and density enhancements
  • Processing, enhance and analyzing digital images using specialized software
  • Providing expert testimony in court as a witness to the authenticity and accuracy of the photographs
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