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Footwear Comparison & Identification


Welcome to our specialized footwear examination service, where our expert analysts, also known as footwear impression experts or shoe print examiners, play a pivotal role in forensic investigations.

Forensic footwear examiners are tasked with documenting, collecting, and preserving footwear evidence, as well as comparing and analyzing footwear impressions. We offer expert opinions on source conclusions, identify the manufacturer, make, or model of the source of a questioned impression, and compare questioned impressions. Additionally, we can determine the make or model of an item of footwear from an image or an impression, preparing detailed reports and providing testimony as needed.

Footwear Impression Value
Shoe impression evidence holds significant value in forensic investigations, often providing crucial information that contributes to solving crimes and building legal cases. The importance of shoe impression evidence lies in its ability to:

  • Link Suspects to Crime Scenes
  • Establish Presence at a Crime Scene
  • Corroborate or Contradict Alibis
  • Provide Investigative Leads
  • Build a Comprehensive Timeline
  • Support Forensic Reconstruction
  • Identify or Exclude Suspects

Let us take you through a comprehensive overview of the specialized footwear impression services we offer:

Crime Scene Analysis:
Our skilled examiners meticulously analyze crime scenes to identify, document, photograph and collect footwear impressions on various surfaces, both outdoor and indoor.

Collection of Evidence:
We ensure the careful collection and preservation of footwear evidence, maintaining its uncontaminated state for effective use in the investigative process. We also can document and duplicate the known shoe sole patterns for comparison purposes.

Photography and Documentation:
Utilizing advanced photography and documentation methods, we record and catalog impressions and shoe prints, creating essential documentation for court presentations and investigative reports.

Comparison and Analysis:
Our examiners conduct thorough comparisons of collected footwear impressions with known shoe samples. This involves studying characteristics such as tread patterns, wear marks, and unique features to determine potential matches.

Database Searches:
In certain cases, we employ specialized databases containing information on various shoe brands and models to expedite and enhance the identification process. We also conduct research to find correct shoe brands, models and sizes by contacting manufacturer or companies.

Court Testimony:
Our experienced examiners are available to serve as expert witnesses in court, presenting their findings and explaining the methodologies used in their analyses.

Education and Training:
Our team consists of professionals with backgrounds in forensic science, criminal justice, or related fields. We emphasize specialized training in footwear impression analysis to ensure the highest level of expertise.

Collaboration with Other Experts:
Our experts collaborate seamlessly with other forensic professionals, including crime scene investigators, fingerprint analysts, DNA experts and other forensic disciplines, to provide a comprehensive understanding of the evidence as it relates to crime scene or the suspect.

Our footwear examination service plays a critical role in providing valuable evidence for criminal investigations. By linking footwear impressions to specific shoes, we contribute to building a comprehensive and accurate picture of events, aiding law enforcement and the judicial system in their pursuit of justice.

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